Recommendation — Red Tail Ale

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I flipped out when I saw this at Total Wine tonight and bought a 12-pack. It’s one of the two beers I drank religiously when I lived in California and I never see it out this way, even though there’s a second brewery in NY to handle East Coast distribution and, to my surprise, it is available in PA, although I’ve never seen it in a bar. I just read a little of the history of Mendocino Brewing Company and it claims to have been the first brewpub in Cali since Prohibition and the second in the country. The first person who can tell me what was the first gets to come over and crack a bottle with me.

The brewery started in 1983 in a town called Hopland, which is probably no coincidence, and in 1996 was voted one of the ten best beers in the world by “Wine Enthusiast.” 1996 was the exact year that I was drinking it. I must have had good taste as a blossoming craft beer drinker(!) and I have absolutely found great fortune in 2010 by stumbling on a supply just five minutes from my house.


One thought on “Recommendation — Red Tail Ale

  1. taranurin says:

    Here’s the description, as posted on the website that I can’t link to:

    This is the flagship brand of the Mendocino Brewing Company. Red Tail Ale is an amber ale brewed in a traditional Old World Manner using premium two-row malted barley, hops, our own special proprietary yeast strain and pure water. Red Tail Ale’s recipe calls for generous amounts of Pale and Caramel malt balanced by whole Cascade and Cluster hops, this makes it the substantial, full-bodied amber ale that has over the years become THE LEGEND.

    Red Tail Hawk Red Tail Ale was first introduced on August 14th 1983, at the opening of the Mendocino Brewing Company’s Hopland Brewery – the first brewpub in California since Prohibition. In those early pre-distribution days, Red Tail Ale was only served at the brewpub by the pint glass or sold in 1.5-liter champagne magnums. That six-pack, weighing in at an impressive 42 pounds, quickly became known as “The world’s only 42lb 6-pack.”

    A legend had been born!

    Red Tail Ale We bottle condition most of our ales. This is a process whereby active yeast is introduced to the beer as it is bottled, initiating fermentation in the bottle. This produces a fruity bouquet, a rich complex flavor profile and a crisp, dry finish. It is this complexity which has resulted in Red Tail Ale being called “a beautifully balanced, substantial ale” by the renowned beer and food writer Michael Jackson.

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