TSN: Jersey2Night — College Nights Keep Students From Starving

College Nights Keep Students from Starving

by Tara Nurin

College students are known for their resourcefulness. Think of the most cash-strapped college student – you know, the one who survives off Ramen, plain popcorn and his friends’ generosity – and chances are even he will have the wherewithal to find a few pennies for some beers and a night out. Thanks to the invention of college nights, those pennies can stretch to cover a couple of beverages and sometimes even food that doesn’t come in a Styrofoam container.

A week’s worth of college nights starts at Taylor’s Williamstown, where University Tuesdays offer liquid grains in the form of $2 Budweiser products. Not feeling the rice and yeast combo? U Call Its are $3 all night, and $2 SoCo and lime Shots poured from 9pm-12am might help prevent scurvy. On Wednesdays, Adelphia’s college night kicks up the free entertainment with live bands that play while students take advantage of $2 Coors Light and Miller Light, $2 Yuengling bottles, $1.50 mixed drinks and $2 U Call Its, plus $10 towers of Coors Light and $15 towers of Blue Moon.

Thursdays are college night at Coastline Bar & Grill, where a $5 cover buys $2 drinks until midnight and a DJ all night long. Rutgers-Camden students know that the one solid meal they might eat all week can come from the The Victor’s Pub on the Camden waterfront on Thursday nights, when from 8pm to midnight, a plate of spaghetti and clams costs $7.95. They can wash them down with $2 Coors light bottles, $2 well drinks or $3 Yuengling bombers.

Finally, for those diligent students who only treat themselves on weekends, Frat House Fridays at Top Dog is a reward for a week of studying. $2 Coors Light bottles and $4 Skyybull Bombs from 9pm-midnight pour liquid courage into the mouths of student athletes who participate in the bar’s tricycle races, ping-pong competitions and themed parties. Shuttles run from certain schools to and from the bar so everyone can stay safe enough to hit the books when Monday comes.

Taylor’s Williamstown: 2021 North Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, (856) 875-9700 Adelphia: 1750 Clements Bridge Road, Deptford, (856) 845-8200 Coastline: 1240 Brace Road, Cherry Hill, (856) 795-1773 Victor’s Pub: 1 Market Street, Camden Waterfront, (856) 635-0600 Top Dog: 2310 Marlton Pike, Cherry Hill, (856) 486-1001

TSN: Cities2Night.com — Hurricane Friendly Labor Day Weekend Parties

Hurricane Friendly Labor Day Weekend Parties

by Tara Nurin
Hurricane Friendly Labor Day Weekend Parties

While most of your friends are battling the Hurricane Earl downpour that’s forecast for part of the weekend, you can be front and center at Adelphia in Deptford on Sunday watching the hottest and most likely ONLY lingerie show this Labor Day weekend.

Mynaughtylingerieshow.com and Q102 are hosting a fashion show where naughtily-clad beauties prance around in their panties. No, you’re not allowed to offer them down-filled pillows as props. On Friday, Adelphia’s keeping it slightly cleaner with an 80’s night featuring cover band A Buffalo Stance crooning “Ha ha ha ha, ha ha,” to a room filled with leg warmers.

For those of you observing the holiday of First Friday, Landmark Americana is celebrating with you. Twelve times a year, the Glassboro club honors the first Friday of the month by sacrificing $1 U Call Its to its pagan revelers. Not to be outdone, Taylor’s Williamstown is marking the best day of the week with its Famous Friday specials: $2 Coors, $3 Skyy and Red Bulls, bar food until 1am and DJ Carm until 3am.

At Camden’s Wiggins Park on Sunday, you can check out The Camden Backyard BBQ from 2pm to 10pm. Hear The Radiators play a free show, along with Ivan Neville’s Dumpstaphunk, New Orleans singer and pianist Marcia Ball and other Big Easy musicians. It’s an event so jubilant that your friends who are spending the Labor Day holiday at the Shore may even harbor a tinge of jealousy. Not, that you’d want that, of course.

Adelphia: 1750 Clements Bridge Road, Deptford, (856) 845-8200; Landmark Americana: 1 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro, (856) 863-6600; Taylor’s Williamstown: 2021 N. Black Horse Pike, Williamstown, (856) 875-9700 Wiggins Park: Foot of Mickle Boulevard, Camden, (856) 216-2170

TSN: Jersey2Night — Flugtag Flies into Camden

Flugtag Flies into Camden

We’ve all seen the commercials. Redbull’s Flugtag fills the skies with flying tacos, dinosaurs and Winnebagos launching off of ramps for the ultimate Redbull fueled goal – the wings of course! Well this Saturday, September 4, from 1pm to 3:30pm Flugtag makes its Philly-area debut. 34 teams and hundreds of onlookers will converge on the Camden waterfront to compete to see whose daffy flying machine will catch air the longest before plunging into the Delaware River. The air parade happens at Pier One, at the very end of Cooper Street in Camden, and gates open at 11am.

Flugtag, which means “flying day” in German, is an extraordinarily different experience each time. Any competition that calls for teams to design and build the goofiest possible air-bound chariots with the goal of launching them off a 30-foot “runway” into the river below is amazing and we need to be there – especially since this event has been going on since 1991 and this is the first year for Redbull lovers in our area to be able to see it right here at home!

But it’s not enough for these eyebrow-raising flyers to be well-engineered; they’ll be further judged on creativity and showmanship. A People’s Choice award will be given to the team that garners the most online votes between Friday and the final flight on Saturday. Some of the teams have their own websites and pretty elaborate videos of the making of their carriages.

There will be a satellite viewing station set up at Penns Landing and access for boats to watch right there on the river. For pre or post flight drinks, The Victor’s Pub is right there at the other side of the parking lot, making for a convenient beer and sandwich stop. For an option that’s sure to be less crowded, the 20 Horse Tavern is just a few blocks away.

The Victor’s Pub: 1 Market Street, Camden Waterfront, (856) 635-0600

20 Horse Tavern: 835 S. 2nd St., Camden, (856) 365-9211