And now for something completely different: Stories about people doing good things for a change

Here are the stories I wrote for this year. It’s a nifty little website that, gasp, focuses on positive things happening in and around Philly. No, I don’t mean a bottle of Firestone Walker 17 Year Reserve showing up at the Pour House beer fest this summer. I mean non-profits and the people who run them striving to make the region a better place.

I just found out that the article I wrote about the collab between the Food Bank of South Jersey, Campbell Soup and local farmers was the most-viewed post of the year. Does this fact merit a mention on my resume? Nah, I didn’t think so either. Here it is, if you want to read it or know where to buy the Just Peachy Salsa.

Just Peachy, a collab b/t the Food Bank of South Jersey, Campbell Soup and local farmers.

I was very proud of this article, which describes the unprecedented greenliness of the Barnes Foundation. If you haven’t been yet, go. And take an architecture tour.

Rendering of the LEED-certified Barnes Foundation, designed by Williams + Tsien, with the landscaping done by Olin.

Funny story. I took this assignment because I thought it was about someone doing something cool and fair-tradey with coffee. I mean, my editor labeled it “Connecting Coffee.” I didn’t realize until I did research the day of my interview that it was about a regular coffee get-together for professionals in the non-profit world. Ha ha. I told the interview subject (afterwards) and we laughed so hard! I’m glad I wrote the story, though, because Ashley Tobin of Work Better Consulting is a really cool and forward-thinking lady. Work in non-profits or their suppliers? Check her out.

Not such a funny story. But a nice one. Maureen Rush, who’s a mega-bigshot at Penn, was appointed as the first woman to lead the non-profit Philadelphia Police Foundation. What’s that? See here.

This story had me examining the efficacy of anti-gun-violence programs in the city and nationally. Made me miss my dear old friend Rob Stuart of Evolve Strategies, who was a huge anti-gun advocate in Philly who passed away way too young.

Okay, I wrote more stories for this site than I thought and I’m getting a little tired of explaining them all. Here are the rest:

Neighborhood Film Company: A Business with a Social Mission — These guys are amazing. You should definitely read this, especially if you’re interested in homelessness or film.

Global beauty company succumbs to pressure, does good.

Why you must go to the Philadelphia History Museum now.

Questlove and Black Thought will always rule Philadelphia, and the Mural Arts Program agrees.

Is solar power a viable option for Philadelphians?

The Night Market: How The Food Trust Pulled Off Hosting Block Parties for 20,000 People